Akashic network introduction

Akashic is a Layer0 storage network focused on data consensus. Compared to the global ledger of Bitcoin and the global computer of Ethereum, we can simply understand Akashic as the hard drive of the digital world. Akashic employs decentralized technology, combining features such as data permanence, immutability, standardized data formats, and privacy-preserving computation, enabling possibilities for permanent storage of human information, open indexing, and separation of public and private data across all domains of data computation.

Data Consensus: In the world of blockchain, ledgers and blocks are essentially formatted data, ensured by consensus algorithms such as POW/POS. However, due to limitations in blockchain technology such as block size and the format of individual transaction data, the amount of data blockchain can process is extremely limited. Therefore, Akashic proposes a faith-level consensus mechanism called "Proof Of Data (POD)," where all data generated from natural, social, economic, and other activities form the lowest level of consensus. This extends to application layer consensus in different domains and scenarios, including POP/POA/POW/POS/DPOS/SPORA, etc.

In the current WEB3 and blockchain industry, Akashic has made significant pioneering innovations. Through forward-thinking design and proactive strategies, it positions itself as a Layer0 in Web3.0, serving as a crucial infrastructure. Building upon data consensus, if we can apply data standardization to unify global open data, we can further achieve the grand vision of "Web3 full-stack protocols," ultimately realizing the ambitious goal of "permanently storing all data, promoting value interconnection, and constructing a repository of human wisdom."

Blockchain industry structure

Akashic is a Layer0 storage network focused on data consensus.

Storage blockchain comparison

Akashic vs ARWeave vs Filecoin

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